A 16-Year-Old Won $3 Million At The Fortnite World Cup!

Last weekend was the Fortnite World Cup and while hundreds of players qualified to win the grand prize it was a 16-year-old who walked away with $3 MILLION and his name is Kyle "Bugha" Geirsdorf!

Geirsdorf placed first in the Solos competition of the first-ever Fortnite World Cup after earning 59 points throughout the tournament due to "Victory Royales" and placing in other matches.

The entire World Cup had a prize pool of over $30 million for its Pro-Am, Duos, and Solos competitions, which made it the LARGEST prize pool ever in the history of eSports.

To check out the final day of the Fortnite World Cup you can check out the footage below, but if you haven't already started getting ready for the 2020 Fortnite World Cup then you better start getting ready now!

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