This Pikachu Plush Looks Terrifying in Its Sealed Packaging!

Not everything comes in the mail like how you saw it online and one woman's recent purchase of a Detective Pikachu is definitive proof of that after it went viral on Twitter this week!

Twitter user Betsy Bauer intended to order a Detective Pikachu plush from the movie, but when she later got the plush in the mail it looked nothing like it did in the promotional images because of its vacuumed-sealed packaging.

Most of the air had been sucked out which caused the plastic bag it was encased in to become uncomfortably conformed to Pikachu’s shape. The result was this terrifying version of Detective Pikachu that was definitely NOT in the movie:

Betsy later posted a video of the plush being taken out of its bag because everyone was freaking out and it looks more like a "derpy" version of the Pokémon mascot. One day it will evolve into its true form and be the perfect Pokémon detective!

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