A Pokémon Collector Lost His $60,000 Trading Card in the Mail!

Let this serve as a prime example as to why if you ever want to send something valuable to someone that you should do it in person because a Pokémon collector lost his $60,000 trading card in the mail and no one can find it!

The card he lost was the "Trainer No. 3" card and is one of the rarest cards in the world because it was only given out back in 1999 to the third-place winner in a Pokémon competition in Japan called Super Secret Battle.

Apparently the collector tried sending it in through USPS with a $50,000 insurance, which is the highest they offer, but it still ended up getting lost in the mail.

There is currently a $1,000 bounty on the whereabouts of the card and don't be the person who tries to sell it because there's only one in the world!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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