There ISN'T a Hidden Map on the Declaration of Independence!

Get ready to have your heart broken if you ever wanted to follow in Nic Cage's footsteps and try to see if there is a hidden map on the back of the Declaration of Independence because The National Archives have FINALLY answered the question!

There is NO map on the back of one of the most historical documents in the US and the staff at The National Archives even went to the length to show a video of them examining the document to prove it.

According to the historians there IS some writing on the back of the Declaration of Independence, but on the back, upside down, is written ‘Original Declaration of Independence, dated 4th July 1776.”

However, yesterday's floods and power outages in DC led many to assume that someone, looking at you Nic Cage, was using the power outage to their advantage to steal the ACTUAL Declaration of Independence with the REAL hidden map.

Photo Credit: Disney

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