Starcourt Mall from 'Stranger Things' is an ACTUAL Mall!

Get ready to plan a road-trip to Georgia because your new favorite mall from Stranger Things 3 is a REAL mall!

Starcourt Mall was one of the major set-pieces of the most recent season of Stranger Things from fashion montages to monster showdowns, but it turns out that the show used an actual mall to film and completely redid everything inside to match the '80s aesthetic.

The fictional mall is actually part of Gwinnett Place Mall in Duluth, Georgia and while it doesn't have Hot Dog on a Stick or Scoops Ahoy anymore you can actually see the half of the mall they primarily used for Stranger Things.

However, you may want to visit the mall soon because prior to the most recent season of the show the city was planning on demolishing it for a sports stadium, but we think they might change their mind after watching the newest season.

Stranger Things 3 is currently available on Netflix and if you want to see what Starcourt Mall could still look like then check out the videos below!


Photo Credit: Netflix

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