Jake Gyllenhaal Will Get Super Defensive If You Insult Sean Paul!

Whatever song Sean Paul is on it is instantly 100 times better and if you disagree then you'll have to deal with Jake Gyllenhaal!

Gyllenhaal was recently on BBC Radio with Tom Holland promoting Spider-Man: Far From Home and they were asked to talk about the unpopular opinion that a listener thought Sean Paul was bad.

However, what no one realized was that Gyllenhaal is a MEGA-FAN of Sean Paul! He even knew most of the words to practically every Sean Paul song the host played for him.

Check out the video below to see Gyllenhaal's reactions to the listener's opinion and get ready to jam out to Sean Paul's greatest hits!

Also Sean Paul actually saw the video and responded to Jake Gyllenhaal! Don't be surprised if we see them collab in the near-future!

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