You Need to Read the Fine Print Before Going to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge!

Just to warn you that even if you buy a ticket into Disneyland or Disney World that you are going to be spending a ton of money if you happen to get into Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge!

However, you can save a ton of money from being charged on your credit card by making sure you read the fine print on your reservations. To get in to specific areas of Galaxy's Edge, like Oga's Cantina and Savi's Workshop (where you can build your own lightsaber), you need to book a same-day reservation with a credit card. Turns out that if you don't show up on time that Disney can charge you up to $200!

At the same time if you book a table at the cantina and are late you will be charged a $10 late fee per person and you need to have everyone in your party to sit down.

I kind of see why Disney is doing this so that they don't have scalpers or spam-bots take the reservations and hold them hostage so that no one can get in to the best parts of Galaxy's Edge! If it gives me more of a chance to do everything then go ahead and charge the scalpers!


Photo Credit: Disneyland

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