Avengers: Endgame is Re-Releasing with NEW Footage!!

We're only a few weeks away from Spider-Man: Far From Home being in theaters and Marvel is doing the greatest thing ever to prepare you for that by re-releasing Avengers: Endgame on June 28 with NEW content!

In a recent interview Kevin Feige announced that the re-release would have SIX MINUTES of new footage including a deleted scene, a tribute, and "extra surprises: for people who stick around until the end of the movie.

There is a slight business reasoning behind this because Marvel is super close to passing Avatar with the highest grossing movie of all time and this would surely bring them closer to breaking that record. Also it's a great reminder of where Peter Parker is post-Endgame.

Also who doesn't want to see Endgame for the third, fourth, or potentially FIFTH time!? Heck we might even get the end-credit scene we really wanted at the end of the movie! Here's the original trailer to get you re-hyped in the meantime!


Photo Credit: Disney

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