Disneyland is Hiring Stormtroopers for Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge!

This is a life-long dream fulfilled because if you're like me you LOVE everything Star Wars and you can now apply to be a real-life stormtrooper at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge!

Disneyland is currently searching for applicants who can act and perform as stormtroopers in time for the park expansion to open on May 31 in California and I kind of want to apply!

The job posting is looking for “energetic performers to bring to life some of the exciting characters from the Star Wars saga” and just prepare yourself because you'll need to have a lot of energy while performing in a full-body costume the entire time!

Auditions will be held Friday, May 24 in Downey, California so if you wanted to also get to see Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge right when it opens this is definitely an alternative to buying tickets!

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