Detective Pikachu is Giving Out Free Trading Cards During Opening Weekend

Get ready to relive the hype and craze when Pokémon: The Movie first came out in 1999 because The Pokémon Company is once again killing it when it comes to marketing their movies!

In the newest trailer for Detective Pikachu not only did we get to see a lot more of the Pokémon that will be in the film, but near the end of the trailer you find out that if you see the movie during its opening weekend that you get a free pack of Pokémon trading cards with an exclusive card!

Watch the trailer below to see what's going on.

According to Warner Bros., everyone who "catches Detective Pikachu" during its opening weekend will get a two-pack of Pokémon trading cards and it is totally giving me nostalgia vibes to when Pokémon: The Movie came out and you got an exclusive Mew trading card for seeing the move in theaters!

Detective Pikachu is in theaters on May 10th and if you want to relive the nostalgia even more then make sure you also head to Burger King which is selling Pokémon toys!

So glad that I can finally catch them all by visiting Burger King for every meal for the next week!

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