These are the Best Prop Bets for Game of Thrones' Final Season!

We're only a couple days away from Game of Thrones entering back into our lives and if you want to spice things up for the final season then you should definitely place some bets on who wins or dies in the Game of Thrones!

Prop bets are essentially bets that are placed on "non-scoring outcomes" and some of the biggest bets for Game of Thrones focuses on who dies first, who lives to the end of the show, and who defeats The Ice King!

Check out some of the more popular prop bets below:

Which Lannister will die first?

  • Cersei– -115
  • Jaime– +160
  • Tyrion– +250

Which Stark will die first?

  • Arya– -150
  • Bran– +180
  • Sansa– +300

Will Daenerys Targaryen survive the final season?

  • Yes– -115
  • No– -115

How many people will Arya kill in the final season?

  • Over/under – 3.5

Which episode will Ghost be seen again?

  • Episodes 1 or 2– -150
  • Episodes 3 – 6– +120

You can see the rest of the prop bets HERE and you might want to bet soon because Game of Thrones returns for its final season on April 14th!

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