Shake Shack Has a Secret 'Game of Thrones' Menu

Shake Shack is just as ready for Game of Thrones as the rest of the world because certain locations in the US are offering a secret menu just for Game of Thrones fans!

However, this secret menu isn't like getting the Quesarito at Chipotle because customers will need to speak Valyrian which is one of the languages from the show.

While the only confirmed Shake Shacks that offer the secret menu are in New York it is totally worth checking your local Shake Shack to see if they will make the menu items for you!

The highlight menu items are the Dracarys Burger for $10.99 and the Dragonglass Shake for $6.79, but be aware that the Dragonglass Shake won't stop any White Walkers from attacking you!

The burgers will only be available until April 21 and the shake will be available until May 19 so make sure you try this out before Game of Thrones airs its series finale! Check out the full secret menu below and the pronunciation of all the Valyrian words!

(Food & Wine)

Photo Credit: Shake Shack

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