Migos and Mountain Dew Remixed the 'Game of Thrones' Theme Song!

We're less than TWO WEEKS AWAY from theFINAL season of Game of Thrones and Mountain Dew might have made the best hype song to get ready for the show to come back with a little help from Migos!

However it's not only Migos that make an appearance because the "music video" also includes appearances from The Chainsmokers, Dale Earnhardt Jr., and other professional athletes trying to recreate the iconic theme song by only using the word "Dew."

If you think about it when someone ever asks you to tell them the Game of Thrones theme song you instantly start with "Doo-doo's" so this was a perfect marketing opportunity! Check out the video below.

Another cool thing Mountain Dew is doing for Game of Thrones is that they are releasing limited edition "White Walker cans" that are all white and feature the names on Arya Stark's list! Fingers crossed we see them at a store near us!

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