Marvel is Auctioning Off Props from Its Netflix Shows

If you have ever wanted to own a prop from an actual TV show or movie and are in love with Marvel like all of us are then you'll want to pay attention to Marvel's auction of props and costumes from their Netflix shows!

While all of The Defenders have sadly been canceled on Netflix we can at least remember them by winning a prop like Matt Murdock's glasses or Danny Rand's Iron Fist mask in an auction.

Marvel has teamed up with Prop Store to sell props, costumes, and other items from Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist with over 750 pieces in the auction. While the auction won't take place until August you can visit the auction site now just to imagine every prop you could potentially own.

Now this is just a word of advice, but try to go for the smaller items that you think people won't immediately bid for! This way you can still claim you have something from one of the shows and you don't have to bid as much! Check out the highlights of the auction HERE!

Photo Credit: Netflix

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