Brie Larson Surprised Fans at a Screening of 'Captain Marvel'

Now this might have been a promotional stunt, but how awesome is it that during her movie's opening weekend that Captain Marvel star Brie Larson worked at a movie theater!

Larson made a surprise visit to an AMC theater in New Jersey where she was able to go behind-the-counter and actually serve concessions to guests.

Now I have worked at a movie theater and I know how chaotic it can be during a big movie weekend so thank goodness the staff there had an Avenger helping them hand popcorn, beverages, and other snacks out!

However, Brie Larson wasn't done after her shift at the concessions because she not only got to sample the popcorn and drinks her face was on the side, but she also got to pop-up at a screening and get people hyped for the movie!

Check out her whole experience below and hopefully one day we can have a big movie star pop-up in front of our movie screenings!

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