Nintendo is Releasing a VR Kit for the Switch

We're kind of surprised this is even happening, but Nintendo just announced out of nowhere that they will be releasing a virtual reality (VR) set for the Nintendo Switch using Nintendo Labo.

Labo came out last year as a line of cardboard accessories that consumers could use to create sets for specific mini-games included with the cardboard, but now it's taking the next step into VR!

The next line of Labo will be the "Nintendo Labo: VR Kit" and will release in two different versions: an $80 version that includes the game, goggles, and five designs, which you can see below in the gallery, and a $40 version with just the goggles and the blaster/rifle design.

The VR kit will be available on April 12 and while this is exciting news for Nintendo just don't expect all your games to work with it just yet. Only Labo games will work on the accessory when it first launches,


Photo Credit: Nintendo

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