The Next Xbox is Rumored to Be Disc-Less!

You might want to start selling all your physical games if you currently have an Xbox because the next rumored Xbox will reportedly be disc-less!

According to unnamed sources the next Xbox, which has gone under the code-name "Xbox Maverick," will be called the "Xbox One S All-Digital Edition.

The rumored launch date for the console is around early May with pre-orders to become available some time in April. Apparently the same report is claiming that the new Xbox will be under $200 because it will not feature a disc drive.

This makes sense because Xbox offers their Game Pass service, kind of like Netflix for games, and most people are tending to shift towards buying games digitally. So if you haven't already thought about trading in your physical games, then you might want to soon!

Also the next Xbox could be called the Xbox One SAD Edition. They might want to rearrange their naming!!

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