This is How Ryan Reynolds Lost Himself in His "Detective Pikachu" Role!

It looks like Ryan Reynolds is taking his new role of Detective Pikachu very seriously because Reynolds posted on his own YouTube page a video documenting how he gets into character!

Literally anything Ryan Reynolds does is usually hilarious and even when he's trying to be "fake serious" it's still funny! In the behind-the-scenes video Reynolds confesses that he has become Detective Pikachu so much that he has "abandoned his family" to which Blake Lively makes an appearance and says he actually does.

We obviously know this isn't the case, but it's so cool to see Ryan Reynolds holding a Pokeball in real life. Maybe Burger King will bring back their Pokeball promotion like they did when the original Pokemon movie came out?

Also get ready for a new Detective Pikachu trailer to come out some time this week as we wait only a few more months until May 10 when the movie comes out!

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