Farming Simulator is Getting an eSports League

If you have been investing in Farming Simulator over the past couple years then get ready because the game is getting its own eSports League!

While you might think that Overwatch, Call of Duty, and Halo are some of the more easily identifiable eSports games Farming Simulator has actually been holding championships for a while.

The even better thing is that you could win almost 250,000 Euros (about $280,000) in prizes!

The eSports League will consist of 10 tournaments across Europe, including big events like Gamescom and Paris Games Week, and will culminated in a grand final at FarmCon 2020, which we didn't know was a thing until now!

If you're interested as to seeing what the gameplay looks like in Farming Simulator then check out the game's trailer for their "New Holland Update" which came out last month below.

So what do you think? Are you now trying to quickly buy a copy of Farming Simulator? Let us know on our social media pages @Infinite_Pods!!

(The Verge

Photo Credit: Farming Simulator

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