Bungie Has Split Up with Activision to Maintain Destiny Rights


It looks likes the Destiny franchise is going to being changing for, hopefully, the better as Bungie, the company that develops the game, has announced that they are parting ways with publishing company, Activision, after working together since 2010.

Bungie will now own the publishing rights to its hit franchise and made the announcement through Bungie.net yesterday. This will allow them to have full control over its properties and publish them whenever they desire to.

Things are already in motion between both parties and Bungie has assured its fans that they will continue working on the current roadmap of content, but that they will also add even more content to entertain fans in the next few months.

Here is the official statement Activision released on the split with Bungie:

We're not exactly sure if this will be for the better or worse for the Destiny franchise, but time will tell!!


Photo Credit: Activision

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