The First Promos for the Arrowverse Crossover are Here!

We're less than a month away from the Arrowverse giving us our annual big crossover event and both flagship shows, The Flash and Arrow, just revealed the first promos for the Elseworlds Crossover!

What we know so far is that Batwoman is going to be introduced and that Barry and Oliver will be switching uniforms, thanks to set leaks.

However, we didn't know is that Stephen Amell will be playing Barry Allen and Grant Gustin will be playing Oliver Queen. It's kind of like Wife Swap, but everything about the characters has changed! 

Below is the first trailer, which premiered during Arrow this past Monday night:

So with that happening on Monday it was safe to assume The Flash would have a promo as well and they did! The second promo confirmed that both actors will be switching bodies and we can most likely expect Supergirl to have a trailer as well!

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