It's Not Shrek Unless Smash Mouth is on the Soundtrack! - #105

If Smash Mouth isn't in the new Shrek reboot then we're going to riot! Join Hoody, Kevin, and Alex as we talk about that and how AMC really needs to diversify it's programming besides Walking Dead! Will Loki be alive in Avengers 4? What was all of our first slow-dance song? Plus, we check in on the Arrowverse in our DC Check-In, get you ready for Black Friday sales, and more!


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Fortnite is Teaming Up with the NFL for New Outfits!

Andrew Lincoln to Star in Three Walking Dead Spin-Off Movies!

Overwatch Revealed a New Hero in an Animated Short at BlizzCon!

Ewan McGregor to Play Black Mask in DC's "Birds of Prey"

DC Universe Has Cast Its Swamp Thing

Shrek is Getting Rebooted?!

We Might Know Who the Season 4 Main Villain in Legends of Tomorrow Is

A Dragon Ball Z Composer is Now a Senator

There WAS an Avengers: Infinity War Script Where Loki Lived

PUBG is Technically Free on Xbox Right Now


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