Life is Strange 2 Trailer Reveals Game's Release Date

Get ready for September to be a busy and expensive month of video games because on top of Spider-Man, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Destiny 2: Forsaken, and FIFA 19 DONTNOD Entertainment just announced that the first episode of Life is Strange 2 is coming out!

DONTNOD has been teasing the full trailer for the game for weeks and yesterday they released a new trailer as well as some information on the game. 

The game will focus on two brothers as they travel from Seattle to Mexico to escape a troubled past and grow up along the way. Apparently you play as the older brother and any decisions you make will lead into your younger brother to learning it as well.

Check out the trailer to see for yourself.

The first episode of Life is Strange 2 comes out on September 27th and if you played The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit then you might recognize the younger brother. 

I can't wait for the end of September, but I'm not sure if I should wait and play all the episodes at the end or play one at a time!!

Image Courtesy of Square-Enix

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