Jared Leto to Star as a Marvel Hero...Sort Of

Does anyone else feel like Jared Leto is trying to be a part of EVERY big movie franchise he can because Leto just signed on to become a hero set in the MARVEL UNIVERSE!

No he won't be defending the Earth from Thanos with Tony Stark and Captain America in the MCU, but Leto will be taking on the role of the anti-hero Morbius the Living Vampire in Sony's Spider-verse.

If you're confused then just know that Sony's Marvel movies, except the Spider-Man movies DON'T take place in the MCU. The upcoming Venom movie starring Tom Hardy is an example. You can see below what Morbius looks like in the comics.

Morbius the Living Vampire actually started off as a Spider-Man villain in the comics and animated series, but eventually become a sort of anti-hero with his own run of comics. Essentially Morbius is a super-powered vampire and this might be the closest we get to a modern interpretation of the Blade movies. 

Are you excited for Jared Leto to transition to Marvel? I mean he was the best part out of Suicide Squad and who doesn't love vampires?!


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