Robert Kirkman's "Invinicible" Becoming an Animated Series on Amazon

If you didn't realize that your Amazon Prime account ALSO gives you the opportunity to watch tons of movies and original programming then now is the time because Amazon just green-lit an animated series based on Robert Kirkman's Invincible series.

Kirkman, whom you might recognize as the creator of The Walking Dead, apparently made a deal with Amazon that the show's first  season will have eight hour-long episodes and will be an "adult animated" take on the comic.

Personally I've always wanted to get into the comics, but living as a 24-year-old who has to pay rent I can't afford to get all the issues. However, if it's like The Walking Dead, the series might deviate from the source material! No matter what I'm already sold!

If you wanted to know more about Kirkman's Invincible series, which actually just finished up its comics run, then check out the video below to catch up before the series premiere.

You can also check out the comics HERE as well!


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