The Crisis Crew's Favorite Games of E3 2018

E3 is officially over and while combined we've played a total of 100 games on and off the show floor we each had to pick just one that we thought was the best game of E3 in our opinions.

There were a ton of games and while we only picked three we loved playing every game and a lot of our decisions were very close calls. Here are our favorite games of E3:

Hoody's Game of E3 - Spider-Man

This was the game I HAD to play at E3 this year and it is convincing me to buy a PS4 just for this alone. Marvel has barely tapped into video games, but if they keep making games like how Insomniac's Spider-Man played then we are in for a great era of gaming.

Just swinging around the city had me so happy inside and if it's so awesome just to have a superhero that's positive and makes jokes while defending his city from villainy. On top of that I have a great feeling from the demo that most of Spider-Man's rogue's gallery (villains) will be in the final game. September 7th can't come any sooner.

Kevin's Game of E3 - Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Assassins Creed Odyssey is in two words simply amazing. After visiting ancient Egypt in Assassins Creed: Origins and witnessing the level detail the game developers put into that world you would think this would be a carbon copy. WRONG!! The game developerss went above and beyond to throw you into a world where Socrates was still around and you are able to explore this place with the decedent of King Leonidas, a Spartan. 

As a Spartan with a legendary ancestor such as King Leonidas, you can imagine the combat is really brutal. Every kick and punch that Kassandra or Alexios throws meets its intended mark with brutal consequences. 

Now the sad part about this game is for the first time in Assassins Creed history, you may not be able to use the hidden blade we have come to love. In place of that you have the spear of Leonidas which has magical properties and you’ll also have a choice of four special abilities. 

One of those abilities happens to be the Spartan kick! If you’re not familiar with the Spartan kick, go back and watch 300 and see what happens after Leonidas proclaims “THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!!” There is also an amazing war mode that makes you feel like you fighting in the middle of a massive medieval battle. To sum it all up Assassins Creed Odyssey is another awesome step in rebuilding the legacy of a great franchise.

Javi's Game of E3 - Jump Force

There is probably zero surprise that Jump Force was one of my favorite games at this years’ E3. After many days of anticipation, I was finally able to play it on Day 3 of the conference, and it did not disappoint. Players fight in teams of three fighters comprised of heroes and villains from various Shonen Jump properties like Naruto, One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, and many more! Players will also have a wide range of stages/locations to choose from, most, if not all, based on real life locations!

One of my favorite things about playing this game is the idea of all the characters I can play and the match-ups I can create! Fans are bound to enjoy playing as their favorite heroes and dominate the battle field. The fighting mechanics for the game are very smooth with plenty of power combos to boot! I cannot wait to learn more about the game and the story it will tell in the upcoming months, because this was only the beginning.

Images Courtesy of Ubisoft, Bandai-Namco, and Playstation

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