Kevin's Top 3 Moments From E3 2018 Day 1

The "Spartan Kick" In Ubisoft's Assassins Creed Odyssey

In my guided demo of Assassins Creed Odyssey, I was put in the middle of a large scale epic battle where the goal was to kill all of the captains and commanders to win the battle. Then my guide showed me how to earn and use this power up. I spent the rest of my demo doing this....... #thisissparta

Fighting The Shocker on Marvel's Spider-Man

I was also able to FINALLY get my hands on Spider-Man for the first time at the PS4 booth! After web slinging through the city for a few minutes and taking care of some petty thugs. I got a call that the shocker was trying to rob a bank. NOT IN MY CITY!!!! So after getting there and watching a cut scene the battle began and I gotta say. You truly feel like Spider-Man as you duck and dodge all of shockers attacks while using the environment around you as your main weapon to take him down. This one battle has made call my wife and start the negotiations of me buying a PS4 in the near future.

Spamming Pikachu's Thunderbolt Move 

We also got the opportunity to play Super Smash Brothers Ultimate! Hoody, Javi, and I went head to head (to head) and I was able to score a victory with Pikachu and his mighty thunderbolt!!! In all honesty though, Smash Brothers has never felt smoother to play and also amazing to look at. So now the question becomes to a buy a Nintendo Switch first? Or a PS4?

These were my favorite moments so far which so much more to come! But i do have one honorable mention........I had a waffle dog for lunch today and it was amazing!!!!!!


Image Courtesy of Ubisoft and My Love for Waffle Dogs

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