We Get Our First Glimpse of Tom Hardy's Venom in New Trailer!!

If you didn’t see the first trailer for Tom Hardy's Venom movie then don’t worry about it because the film's SECOND trailer is SO. MUCH. BETTER!!]

We finally get to see what Tom Hardy's version of the popular anti-hero will look like and if you ever grew up watching the animated Spider-Man series or reading the comics then you'll agree that it looks way better than Topher Grace version of Venom in Spider-Man 3!

The trailer was supposedly leaked from CinemaCon yesterday which then prompted Sony to release the full trailer online, but you should know that this film will be "supposedly" separate from the MCU version of Spider-Man! Check it out below!

Venom will be in theaters on October 5th and you can check out the film's official poster out below which has all of us so much more hyped for the film than we were with the first trailer.

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