Victoria Mahoney is the First Black Female Star Wars Director

Star Wars has just announced Victoria Mahoney as its first black female director in its entire history!

Oscar-winning director Ava Duvernay first broke the news on Twitter announcing that Mahoney will become second unit director for the upcoming Star Wars: Episode IX.

Mahoney's work includes directing episodes of Grey's Anatomy, Power, and the pilot episodes of Misfits. You can see Duvernay's announcement, and Mahoney's response tweets below.

You might be wondering what a second-unit director does and they essentially are responsible for filming any supplemental scenes that are do not usually involve the main cast. 

Episode IX is set to release in December 2019 and we cannot wait to see how this paves the way for future POC and female directors and crew step behind the camera in the Star Wars galaxy.

SOURCE: Gizmodo

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