It's a bird, It's a plane. NOPE, it's Supergirl and she's back!

Supergirl is back on Monday after a nine-week hiatus! (Legend's of Tomorrow just ended their season this past Monday - Congrats guys!)

Below is an excerpt from that posted an article about the rest of the Supergirl season - Click here to read the entire article.

TVLINE | I can see that you have a massive reveal landing much later in the season, but what sort of “biggish bang” is the show actually coming back with on April 16?Well, firstly, we’re coming back with “Dame Laurie Metcalf”, which is just thrilling. She will be playing Winn Schott’s mother, and that’s one of my favorite episodes of the season. It’s a phenomenal episode with a tremendous actress, and it’s really a showcase for Winn. Because we have so much to accomplish on the show, the character of Winn is sometimes relegated to the sidekick, but this is his aria. This is really a special episode about his father and his mother and his backstory.

TVLINE | It seems like it will dig up all kinds of issues for him.Exactly. And there might be some flying monkeys that are kind of phenomenal, and that I would not miss if I were a fan of Supergirl. There’s humor, the action sequences are spectacular, and the acting is amazing. It also features something we in the writers room like to call ‘Kara-oke’ — a karaoke bar scene that bookends the episode, with all of our amazing actors who happen to have amazing voices singing.

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