Game of Thrones Season 8 Features Battle That Took 55 Nights to Film!

Even though we're still a year away from the final season of Game of Thrones new details have emerged that the season will have a battle that tops Battle of the Bastards and the Loot Train Ambush because it took 55 nights to shoot!

According to Watchers on the Wall, the cast and crew just finished filming the 55 consecutive night shoot which doubles the amount of time it took to film previous large-scale action scenes in the show! This is almost more time than a lot of smaller films take to shoot their movies!

Here's hoping that each of the last SIX episodes is two hours in length because we would totally be down for it. If you want to see the now SECOND-largest battle in Game of Thrones, then check out The Battle of the Bastards below!



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