Friends, Drinks and...BEYBLADES?!

LET. IT. RIP!!!!!!

I remember, as a kid, yelling this as i pulled the rip chord from my battle launcher, sending my beyblade spinning into the battle arena.

This year, the popular toy and anime franchise known as Beyblade turns 20! And what better way to celebrate 20 solid years of bey-battles than with a drink. Starting this week, and running until april, Bakuten Shoot Beyblade Bar, a beyblade themed bar, will open in Tokyo!

Inside, patrons will be able hang out, grab drinks and battle it out!

This sounds like so much fun! For those who do not remember or know what Beyblade is, they are spinning battle tops. The original show aired in the early 2000’s. Each Beyblade had a “beast spirit” inside, that characters on the show, would harness the power of to win.

One of the most popular aspects of Beyblade was that you could customize them, mixing tops, bottoms, and even the metal weight rings! Check out the theme song from the original show:

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