Avengers: Infinity War is Coming Out a Week Early on April 27th!!

Get ready to watch Avengers: Infinity War a week earlier because Marvel and Robert Downey Jr. have announced that the film is NOW coming out on April 27th!!

Infinity War was intended to come out on May 4th, but Disney and Marvel Studios just announced that Avengers: Infinity War is moving up its release date and it's all thanks to Robert Downey Jr.

Marvel Studios first tweeted out about the film to most likely promote the film, but soon after Robert Downey Jr. commented on the tweet which lead the studio to announce the new release date! This also now lines up the North American release of the film with its international debut so everyone in the ENTIRE world will get to see Infinity War on the same day!

Check out the now LEGENDARY tweets below:

It's now a statement of fact: Avengers: Infinity War will hit theaters on April 27.

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