You Can See "Get Out" for Free on Presidents' Day!

If you haven't seen Get Out yet you now have no more excuses because you can see it for free on President's Day thanks to the film's director Jordan Peele!

The screening will be on President's Day and will be in select AMC Theaters but you can see a movie for FREE! No HBO, Cable, Redbox, or illegal download required at all!!

Tickets will be available on a first-come, first-served basis and may only be picked up at the AMC box office that day so if you pass by an AMC on your way to work then check and see if it will play the screening.

You can also see if you’re local AMC will be playing the film by going HERE too!! If you're in Seattle the screening will be at AMC Southcenter 16 in Tacoma!!

Now avoid the Sunken Place!!!

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