Detective Pikachu is FINALLY Coming to America

Get ready to play what could possibly be the last Pokémon game on the Nintendo 3DS because Detective Pikachu is finally coming to America this March!

The game is unlike most other Pokémon games because you play as Pikachu and are instead solving mysteries, instead of battling to become the very best like no one ever was.

Detective Pikachu initially came out in Japan in 2016 and has been an exclusive for the country until now! It was first announced by Wario64 and will also feature a Pikachu ACTUALLY talking in English instead of saying "Pika" as well!

The game also already has a trailer for the game and we're all totally down to play this! We just need to find where our 3DS went!

The awesome thing is that we'll also get a Detective Pikachu movie, starring Ryan Reynolds, in 2019 too!

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