Reptar Bars from Rugrats are Coming Back!!

posted by @Infinite_Pods -

Remember back in the 90s when most of us would watch cartoons all day and eat TV tie-in food? Well get ready to do that again because Reptar bars from Rugrats are coming back!!!

The 90's nostalgia is real right now! Reptar bars are hitting stores this week at FYE! **WARNING: Reptar bars will turn your tongue green**

Posted by FYE on Wednesday, October 4, 2017

If you never got one back in the day the candy is essentially a green frosting-filled chocolate bar that actually make your tongue green and you can get it at a local FYE near you NOW!!

At the same time you can also get yourself a box of Reptar Cereal to complete the 90's food time travel! Now BRB because we have to buy ALL of the candy bars!!



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