Heidi Klum Leaves Interviewer Stunned After Abruptly Taking Off Her Shirt

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Heidi Klum left an interviewer stunned after suddenly stripping down to her bra in the middle of their chat.

Anyone who has tuned in to Hot Ones, a show where celebrities are interviewed by host Sean Evans while eating increasingly spicier chicken wings, knows that the responses to the building heat can vary widely from hardly affected to tears streaming down their face as they chug water. However, Klum's recent appearance on the show added a new reaction to the list — taking off her shirt in an effort to combat the heat.

The supermodel, who admitted earlier in the episode that she doesn't handle spicy foods well, reached the wing covered in the Da Bomb Beyond Insanity hot sauce when the heat got too much for her, per Entertainment Tonight. The sauce is measures at 135,600 on the Scoville Scale ranking spice levels, making it slightly less spicy than a habanero pepper.

Klum was immediately feeling the heat and first tried to deal with it by drinking some buttermilk before she ended up unbuttoning her denim shirt to reveal a red bra.

"I'm getting hot," she said, as a shocked and laughing Evans quickly responded, "Whoa, whoa! Now I'm getting hot too, Heidi."

Still struggling, the Germany's Next Topmodel host decided to take her button-down shirt completely off and continue on with the rest of the interview in just her bra and high-waist jeans, apologizing and attempting to cool herself down further by fanning herself and flapping her arms. Evans quipped that he felt he needed to undo a button on his own shirt to keep up.

You can see Klum's Hot Ones interview in the video below.

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