Bob Saget's Last Photo Taken Before Death Shared Online

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Photo: Getty Images

A photo taken hours before Bob Saget's untimely death has surfaced online.

A valet at Orlando's Ritz Carlton snapped a selfie with the comedian hours before he passed away in his hotel room. TMZ shared that he spoke with authorities saying "I didn't see any injuries, he didn't seem hurt, he wasn't slurring his words. He was exactly as I remembered while while watching him on the TV as a child."

The photo was taken past 2AM the night of Saget's final comedy show and the employee shared that they had a brief interaction before he passed over his keys and entered the hotel.

When Saget's body was discovered responders identified a bruise underneath of his eye, which is not visible in the selfie.

Authorities believe his death was accidental and that he hit his head and tragically passed from brain bleed.

Click here to view the photo.

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