This Loudoun County venue is giving away a FREE "Heroes Wedding"!

If there's one thing I regret from my two years of wedding planning, it's not taking advantage of contests etc that were available. Sure, everyone wants what they want and they're just going to make it happen, but why not try to get some freebies/money relief in there as well?!

I love that there's a contest specifically for the people who help others every day!

Old Farm Winery, which is actually a brand new winery, is offering a full wedding package- venue, caterer, photographer, DJ, and more- to a couple who has at least one first responder! They already have the date picked, August 22, 2022, so it looks like you can focus on the fun parts of wedding planning!

The deadline is February 11, because they'll announce the big winners on Valentine's Day! CLICK HERE TO ENTER! [and to see their illustrations of how it'll be set up!]

Sometimes I feel like it's scary to go for a place that's new/"unexperienced," but they can also be the ones that are most helpful and not jaded! So GOOD LUCK! or pass this on to someone who can use the info!

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