PHOTOS: What it's like to go to Dupont's newest bar- Swingers

FUN NEW BAR ALERT! If you haven't heard about Swingers, the crazy golf bar... I want to know how you spend your time on the internet.

It has taken over the spaces formerly known as Front Page and Buffalo Billiards [which, no matter how great this new one is, I will definitely miss], installed two putt putt courses, a local eatery, and a bunch of bars!

We all care most about the photos, right? So let's just get right into those. I'll give you the truth about what to expect after.

So, here's how it went, after paying $19 per round, and making reservations a few weeks ago:

Upon arrival, we had to wait in line on the stairs to check in for our tee time. If what we experienced was normal, expect to start playing later than what your reservation is. Our reservation was for 3:30, and our tee time was at 4:10. Of course we got some drinks first, which took more than I'd prefer.. but I chalk that up to it being a new bar with new employees trying to figure it all out. The menu is big enough to have some kinks/mess ups.

The downstairs is set up with two 9-hole courses, the "eatery," I think two bars?, and there's the patio outside... plus the check in desk. It definitely felt crammed in, versus upstairs where everything felt nice and spaced out. The courses are pretty similar to each other, but not identical. What was fun about a lot of the holes is that they had a gold, silver and bronze option for where the ball would go, and gold was always going to set you up nice and close to the hole. For example: one had a ramp and then basically a bullseye. If you made it in the center gold hole, it would come out a hole-in-one. Make it in the outer bronze hole and you're going to be putting at least 1-2 more times.

Because we went during "off-peak" hours, only one course was being used, and whew it was getting some use. They fit a lot of people in there and you're guaranteed to make some friends, assuming you like friendly competition or rooting on strangers. They do have "caddies" that wander around and bring you drinks while playing! Phew.

I was so impressed with the food offerings. They had mini kitchens for different local restaurants, like Succotash, and each menu had nothing-but-greatness on it. We had to "try everything" and definitely had a lot left over, so maybe coordinate with your people if you're all good sharers. I got the fried pickles and pork taco and both were incredible... and so was everything else the guys I was with bought that I got to try.

At the end of play, they have a podium and a camera/photobooth setup! Do it! Unfortunately, as you can see in the gallery above, only the top three are shown. 4th place [me] was shunned on the side for only her shoes to be seen.


  • Go out on the patio. It was empty while we were there and actually gave us space
  • Go ahead and add on that reserved table/drink in your reservation. Assuming you drink while you're there, it'll probably save you at least $2, you'll get a voucher to order it whenever you want, and so many of the tables are reserved that it was a little tough to find a good table to eat at. [Unless you can bring it out to the patio, but that wasn't as convenient for food.]
  • They give tee times to groups of four.... it probably wouldn't be ideal to go with a big group, because you can't all play together without holding everyone else up. A double date or a girls day out- perfect!
  • Dress up for the occasion! The staff wears fun outfits, and I saw a few groups who were in matching Hawaiian rompers, dad-golf outfits, or even just full on preppy gear. It was cute. I loved it.

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