American Will Have Over 200 Arguments A Year Over Dishes

If washing the dishes is a sore subject for your relationship then you're not alone because a new survey says couple get into over 217 arguments a year just based on dishes!

This equals out to almost 19 dish-related arguments every month with the most common argument being over who should empty the dishwasher happening almost four times a month.

Now we totally get being stuck with a TON of dishes after your partner cooked an extravagant meal, but sometimes asking for help is the best solution.

Some of the other common dish arguments included:

  • Leaving dishes to soak in the sink
  • Who should load the dishwasher
  • Pre-rinsing dishes vs putting them in the dishwasher right away
  • Leaving dishes in the sink when the dishwasher is empty.

(SWNS Digital)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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