What “Self-Care” Means Right Now

With everything going on in this world, it’s surprisingly hard to find some you-time in quarantine. But if there has ever been a time that self-care is mandatory, it’s right about now. Here’s what psychologists say are their best tips for being kind to yourself during these stressful times.

·Engage All Five Senses. If you’re going to self-soothe, don’t hold back. Hit all five of your senses, “look at pictures of nature, smell a candle, listen to calming music, put on lavender lotion.” And for that fifth sense, taste, you could go the spa route and drink kale water or something like that.

·Practice Mindfulness. “high-stress levels have been linked to poorer physical health as well as effects on mental health and cognition.” To bring yours down to a healthier level, make a point to do some simple mindfulness techniques as much as you can. Step away from your inbox for five minutes to focus on your breath and keep your thoughts focused on the present.Gratitude is another great form of mindfulness since it “creates a distraction from focusing on the negative stressors” and positive thought, like being thankful, has been shown to “lower stress, increase optimism, boost mood, and even better prepare you to cope with stress.”

·Prioritize Nutrition. Take a break from all that comfort food that’s making you gain the COVID-19. “Maintaining a balanced diet is crucial to relieving stress” and recommends self-soothing with anti-stress foods like warm oatmeal, oranges, spinach, complex carbs, fatty fish, black tea, pistachios, and avocados.

Make this a self-care weekend for yourself with more tips HERE.

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