These Are The 10 Biggest Turnoffs In A Guy's Apartment

If you are planning on having someone over you would hopefully want to clean your apartment and now a new survey has listed what the biggest turnoffs are inside a guy's place and some of them are pretty obvious!

Out of the survey, dirty clothes were ranked as the biggest turnoff women had when going to a guy's place for the first time. Essentially the consensus was that if you can't take the time to wash/properly dispose of your clothes, then how could you take care of someone else? Here were some of the other big turnoffs:

  • Dirty Clothes/General Filth
  • Dirty Dishes
  • Too Much Sports Memorabilia
  • Posters
  • Bugs (Both as pets and unwanted guests)
  • Nude Magazines (why are you still buying these?)
  • Having Nothing In The Fridge
  • Ex-Girlfriend Photos
  • Stained Toilet(s)


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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