26 Things I Have Learned in My 26 Years

Ahhhh birthdays! I turned 26 on Sunday...or as my sister says...almost 30 *cries* but I thought I would share the 26 things I have learned throughout my life.

  1. It always comes full circle.
  2. Go on the bad date (makes for a good story later)
  3. These are the years to experiment with your hair.
  4. If you are interested in it. Try it. TRY IT ALL.
  5. He wasn't the one...move on.
  6. Sing out loud as much as you can.
  7. Save some money!!!!
  8. You do not need 40 friends. Just a nice circle.
  9. If you never ask the answer will always be no.
  10. It is okay to nap. Relax girl.
  11. Stop comparing your milestones to others.
  12. You are not being aggressive, bossy, or intimidating...you are standing up for yourself.
  13. Stop counting calories. If it taste great, enjoy it!
  14. Happiness comes in waves. Enjoy them.
  15. Pain comes in waves too which means it never lasts.
  16. Choose passion over money
  17. You need to practice to get good at things. Don't beat yourself up for not being a "natural"
  18. Being chatty will come in handy one day ;)
  20. Travel whenever you can. There is so much more out there in the world.
  21. They are mean because they are jealous.
  22. This will all make sense in the future.
  23. Live and let go.
  24. Get various outlets other than social media.
  25. No one can do YOU BETTER THAN YOU
  26. You are never alone in this world.

What is key lesson you have learned in your life?

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