Weekend Marshall's Finds

I had been foaming at the mouth to get back into my favorite discount stores after lock down but when I finally made my way back in I was really disappointed. Between people clearing them out when they reopened and them not being able to replenish their stock there were slim pickings.

So I waited a few weeks to go back and this weekend they must have restocked because I had to control myself. There were goodies everywhere! I behaved and didn't go anywhere near the show section the the makeup section was fire!

I got this four pack Kiss Blowout Lash in "Pageboy" for $3.99. In a drug store they go for $4.40 just for a single pack. SCORE!

Also snagged this glass jar of 18 beauty sponges for $7.99. Usually one of these beauty sponges is like $3.99 and I love that it has various sizes including the tiny ones that are good for concealer around the eyes.

I may have to go back for some makeup remover wipes today. Happy shopping!

~ Hugs and Smiles ~ Riley Couture

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