Podcast : Riley's Fav 5 Flavors

Adobo Seasoning without pepper - This was a staple in my house growing up. Luckily my kid and fiance love it too.

Thai Peanut Sauce - This is one of my favorites to make with chicken. to dunk, to drink....kidding.

Pae Ploy Thai Chli Sauce - This is a new obsession of mine. I made it with salmon the other day and it was a winner. You know your man likes it when they bit into it, say nothing and just nod.

Everything But The Bagel Seasoning - I'm very basic for this but I don't care. This is a staple in my household.

Truffle Zest - This stuff is a tad pricier than i would like for a seasoning but its seriously the perfect seasoning for burgers, salads, chicken, fish. Nummy Nummy.

~ Hugs and Smiles~ Riley Couture

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