Producer Kala Wrote Her First Bad Review

I never thought I would be this person who wrote bad reviews. I am always the first person to make sure someone gets glowing reviews but after almost a year of an issue going unsolved. I thought...I need to warn people because finding a good mechanic is like finding a good life partner.

So I did it. You can read the review below.

I NEVER write reviews but finding a good mechanic is very difficult. I have been to his mechanic three times for my car. The first time, my car was "stuttering a lot" and it turned out there was something wrong with my spark plugs and coils. BOOM a year later (new car, same make, and model just a year newer) it begins stuttering and so I bring it in and I say "hey my last car did the same thing I think it is the spark plugs/coils". I paid the $100+ for them to plug in the computer and they said the computer didn't read any issues but when they drove the car THEY COULD FEEL THERE WAS A PROBLEM and still couldn't figure out the issue. A few weeks later I could feel the problem getting I took it back (dumb on my part) thinking that they HAVE to identify an issue. Paid another $100+ diagnostic fee and yet they could FEEL the issue but since the computer said nothing, they couldn't figure it out.
Yeah so I took it to another mechanic, told him my problem and he didn't even charge me a diagnostic fee and guess what he found...there was an issue with my *DRUM ROLL* spark plugs and a coil. AND he charged HALF of what these guys charge.
I'll end this on a positive note...The guys at his shop are super nice! Great customer service and break down the cost of everything tooooo bad that doesn't actually fix my car.

Hopefully this will be my first and last poor review because this wasn't fun.

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