Study: People Care More about the Environment As They Get Older

A new survey by One Poll of 2-thousand adults finds that people in the U.S. are making sustainability a priority in their daily lives now more than ever. The biggest reason (70%) given for going greener is a growing concern about global warming.

According to the survey:

  • In the last year, 45% say they’ve cut down on wasting food and one in three say they’ve started recycling.
  • 31% claim they’ve cut down on using plastic and close to 25% have cut down on water usage at home.
  • Four in five feel they’re making a difference when they make an environmentally-conscious decision and another 80% say it makes them feel better about themselves.
  • The biggest reason (70%) people give for their eco-conscious lifestyle changes is a growing concern about global warming, followed by 66% who say they care about protecting ecosystems and want to help save animals from extinction.

The poll results also show that environmental awareness seems to increase with time and age:

  • 70% of respondents say the more they age, the more environmentally conscious they get.
  • Nearly six in 10 feel they’re more environmentally aware then they were five years ago.

At least something good is coming out of getting older!


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