Models Show What Netflix Addicts May Look Like in 20 Years

A couple of months into quarantine and I think it’s safe to say that majority of us are on the verge of being addicted to Netflix and other streaming sites, if we already were not before.

Researchers have created digital sculptures illustrating the physical toll of watching hours and hours of television can have on the human body. The models show the bodily damage binge-watching can do to the human body over time, caused by lack of exercise, a poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle.

The interactive site of offers data on symptoms caused by gorging on TV — including increased risk of bowel cancer, rounded shoulders and poor posture — as well as less-than-reassuring figures about Netflix itself.

In efforts to remove users who haven’t used the streaming site, Netflix announced that it will begin terminating the accounts of those users who don’t use it at all.


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