Woman Hosts Pandemic Parties in Decked Out Plastic Pods

After spending months cooped up in her apartment, a woman named Theresa Smythe figured out a safe and secure way to keep the party rolling despite lockdown orders and club closures. The Hamilton Heights resident had the bright idea to use the clear, bubble-like enclosures as individual party tents.

After talking with her husband, Theresa wanted to find a way for all of her friends to sit together while still socially distancing. “It was almost like Google heard me, because a few minutes later, this pod from Dick’s Sporting Goods popped onto my laptop screen.”

Theresa ordered three pods and tricked each tent out with amenities, including a director’s chair, folding table, water dispenser, LED lights, a fan, portable radio and a garbage can, and lined the floor with a grass tarp.

After having her first girl time in months which was such a huge hit, she ordered 11 more pods to host an even bigger gathering right before Memorial Day. Now, she’s planning to step it up even more with another big bash at the park on June 28!

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